Storm Damage Clean-Up

Emergency Response 

Dunbar Tree Service understands the urgency of storm damage cleanup. We strive to respond quickly to calls for assistance, particularly in situations where immediate action is required. Call ASAP if there is a chance for property damage or loss of life and limb.

Even the healthiest trees cannot always stand up to Mother Nature. When storms roll through Southeast Wisconsin, there will often times be limbs and whole trees knocked down by strong winds or lightning. Damaged and downed trees can cause very dangerous situations. Our professional arborists are highly skilled at removing hazards and remediating storm damage.

Storm damage can be very daunting for home and business owners. Branches and whole trees can be downed by severe weather, dropping on driveways, parking lots, sheds, garages, and homes and buildings. They can cause serious damages. The worst thing is that it can be impossible to asses and repair damages until the trees are removed. Often times, tree removal after a storm can take time. Dunbar Tree Service can safely remove fallen trees and tree branches without furthering damage to your property. We have the equipment and professionals on hand to make severe weather damage a little less difficult. We give you, the home and/or business owner, a jump start on getting things back to normal.

Assessing the Storm Damage 

The first step in storm damage cleanup is a thorough inspection. We carefully examine the affected trees, assessing the extent of the damage and the potential risks they pose to people and property. Most often the priority in cases of storm damage is addressing immediate hazards. It’s important to identify unstable trees or branches that could pose an imminent danger and take swift action to mitigate the risks. 

Safety Measures 

Protective Gear and Equipment 

Safety is paramount in storm damage cleanup. Our arborists are equipped with the necessary protective gear and specialized equipment to ensure their safety while working in hazardous conditions. 

Securing the Work Area 

Arborists establish safety perimeters around work zones to protect both the crew and the public. These precautions are essential to prevent accidents during cleanup operations.

Tree and Debris Removal 

Arborists employ precise cutting techniques to safely remove damaged trees and branches. These techniques minimize the risk of further damage to surrounding trees or structures. Then, they work to remove debris swiftly and effectively. This includes chipping branches and transporting logs and wood for disposal. 

Cost Considerations 

The cost of storm damage cleanup can vary based on factors such as the extent of the damage, the size of the trees involved, and the complexity of the cleanup. In some cases, homeowners’ insurance may cover the cost of storm damage cleanup. It’s essential to understand your policy and its provisions. 

How Can You Prevent Future Storm Damage? 

Tree Health Assessment 

To prevent future storm damage, arborists assess the health of trees on your property. Healthy trees are more resilient to storms and less likely to cause damage. Therefore, regular inspections can identify problems before they happen.

Tree Pruning for Storm Resilience

Arborists recommend pruning techniques that promote storm resilience. Properly pruned trees are less likely to suffer extensive damage during severe weather events. Trimming and pruning your trees when they need it can remove weak limbs before they fall in a storm.


Strategically planting windbreaks, such as rows of dense trees or shrubs, can help deflect strong winds away from more vulnerable trees. Windbreaks create a buffer zone that reduces the impact of gusts. 


Mulching around trees helps retain soil moisture and prevent erosion. This protects tree roots from exposure and enhances their ability to withstand wind stress.

Black Locust with Lightning Damage, Storm Damage, Elm Grove, WI.
Black Locust with Lightning Damage, Storm Damage, Elm Grove, WI.
Black Locust with Lightning Damage, Storm Damage, Elm Grove, WI.
Black Locust with Lightning Damage, Storm Damage, Lake Country tree care, WI.
cleaning up storm damage, waukesha, WI.

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